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Make Your Home Stunning with Designer Flower Pots

Present day creator window boxes are not at all like the conventional cocoa pots that you used to develop blossoms on. A considerable measure has changed since the time the primary window box was made and most critical of all that change is in the mentality of individuals intrigued by cultivating.

Pot choices

Plant pots and grower have started being outlined in various shapes and sizes since the underlying days. Today you can get a pot in any material and configuration starting from the most fundamental earthenware stuff to metallic and even modest plastic ones – and on top of that there are numerous innovative interpretation of the items made of each of these materials. Today, there are truly innumerable choices to pick from and you will never come up short on a decent outline be it metallic, wooden, plastic or earthen.

How to arrange Designer flower pots for a great effect

Every garden deserves a unique design and one cannot limit designs to a handful of choices. The final design has to be finalized only after due consideration of every element of the garden in question and then fine tune the placement of objects for the perfect effect. That said, there are some general guidelines which apply across all gardens – big or small!

  • Promote drainage

Plants potted in garden pots and planters often rot for the lack of proper drainage. A new gardening enthusiast should not make the classic mistake of not providing a proper drainage system to take away excess water. Use of pebbles and stones is prescribed for a proper bed that lets excess water drawn away.

  • Using pots of different sizes

Creating the right look is all about creatively arranging flower pots of different sizes. Plant the biggest, most beautiful plant in a central focal pot and surround it with other smaller pots planted with smaller plants in it.

  • Using the right pot mix

Without the correct potting mix, your plants will sooner or later wither away. Make every effort to keep your plants properly nourished. Without the proper care your plant is not going to be any taller than a few inches at most. You can buy potting mix at any store near you. Get it and spread it around with a garden trowel.

  • Replenish water and soil at regular intervals

Soil in your garden pots and planters needs to be replenished timely. Soil and water are necessary for the survival of the plant, be sure to keep supplying it as regularly as possible for best results.