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What Color?

With the entry of the Spring Season, the vivid celebration of Holi is moving toward closer. Days before Holi, the market gets overflowed with an assortment of hues. These hues don’t just identify with this celebration but on the other hand are accepted to ingrain positive vitality in lives, making a domain of quietness and peace. Incorporation of clear hues in homes sets the occupants’ disposition as well as makes a style articulation.

It is the shading we product as well as the hues incorporated into our home additionally say something. Energizing it appears to hear however it is essential to pick the correct hues as the energetic shading shades delineate some critical attributes:


Giving a relieving impact to the eyes, distinctive shades of Blue are the most proper for the rooms where daylight touches the dividers. Breathing life into tranquility and solace, this shading relates with sovereignty. It is calming and deliberate and hence, is stress alleviated.


Light Green color is ideal to be painted on the walls on a small room with no windows as it is bound to give a bright look to the room. Green color connects with nature and thus, it keeps a person cool and helps him stay positive. The color connects with fertility and hope and is proved to impose therapeutic effects and catalyze meditation.


Whenever a person imagines joy, the color yellow arrives instantly to his mind. The color is truly virtuous and this fact makes it the most used color worldwide. It exudes inspiration, vitality and warmth and is considered as the most charming and happiest of all the colors. Yellow denotes enlightenment, communication, sunlight, spirituality and auspiciousness. A room can be painted with yellow color to give a bright look.


Red denotes passion, courage and above all love. Red demands attention and thus delivers great impact wherever used. Choosing this color denotes strive for success and determination towards it. Red being used in entrance hall gives warmth as a symbol of warm welcome to guests. Red is also a favored color for dining rooms and kitchen as it stimulates appetite as well as conversation.

Even a home with the best of luxuries can be a failure on the ground of color taste for the interiors.